Where Can I Serve?
Serving one another brings glory to the Kingdom of God.  Jesus modeled that, not by words but by what He did. In John 13 He washed the disciples feet, despite the protests of Peter. He said this in Matthew 23:11-12 (NLT)   The greatest among you must be a servant. 12  But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. We have many who serve in a hidden way. They have that “servant’s heart.” There are places to serve in this body of believers that may not receive recognition but heaven sees.
   prayer2                                          The Nehemiah Group

Every Friday night, we meet in the sanctuary to pray. It’s our way of getting our hearts ready for Sunday morning. We have seen many answers to prayer as we pursue God together, corporately. We believe that the growth we are enjoying can be directly attributed to those prayer meetings on Friday night.  

                                 Children’s Church/Kidz Rock
When you come and bring your children, you will find our kid’s ministry to be a “safe place” for them.  There is room for those who wish to learn and wish to help in this vital areal of ministry. 

Music Ministry

Worship is a big part of who we are.  It does not define us but when we get together on Sunday we prepare ourselves for the Word of God through worship. Under the leadership of Tony Casey, our worship team helps to move us in a heavenward direction on a weekly basis. We are not ashamed of lively, sometimes loud, but we hope always Christ honoring worship. 



Small groups are located in various homes in the area. They are non-threatening but challenging.  A deep level of fellowship takes place in these groups where intimacy thrives.  It is in these groups that we get to know one another closely, allowing us to walk through life circumstances together.  Everyone wants to belong. Small groups allow that connection to take place. 

Kingdom Ave. Puppets

 This team consists of those who are older to those who are much younger. Led by Tanya Lawrence, they do special presentations for the Sunday School children as well as for the adults on special occasions. 
Bethel women host a women’s night of worship to unite women from various churches and communities together. They are finding definition and spiritual purpose for their lives as they meet together to listen, to praise and to ultimately pray for one another as they navigate life together as sisters in the Lord. Martha Bell and Kathy Bushey co-lead this group of ladies in their earnest following of Christ. 

  Sunday-School-2Sunday School is dying in a lot of places, in a time when Biblical literacy is at an all time low in our nation, our kids are being taught the Bible. They learn quickly, just ask them to show you something on the computer and they will do just that. It is a different world and with a wonderful group of teachers who love them they are going to be Christ followers the rest of their days. . 

Youth Each Friday night the teenagers come together with Olivia Shields  and Ashley Russell. They do the “game thing” and then, the reason for being there. They are taught that the Bible is for them,  They are taught that the Jesus is real, that He has a plan for them and in a world where there is not much hope, He give hope. After that they spend time getting to know God in a personal way as they worship. This group is a great group for students. There is an  eagerness to live and learn how to live.   
We believe a new generation of men is standing up, moving up and getting their families in a position to serve and love God. They are moving in a righteous direction. We call them “Band of Brothers” or BOB. The meet on Saturday mornings for Bible Study, direction from the Field Manual. Gene Lawlor does a great job in leading them from week to week.