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Bethel Church Oakfield is a member of the Assemblies of God.  Our beliefs and guiding principles can be found
We love our community, we love the surrounding communities, and we love our church!
Many of our members grew up in this community and others travel great distances to join us.  Why?  Because we preach the gospel.  We acknowledging that we are sinners, now in right standing with God; forgiven.  We welcome others who are sinners like us to join so that we can share the love of Jesus with them. 
If you don’t have a home church, we welcome you!  
Our services are unique each Sunday.  We remain flexible to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.  We acknowledge that prayer changes lives.  When prayer is needed during our services, we take the time to offer it to one another.   Or if time alone at the altar is needed, we respect that as well.  We’ve all been there.  If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, we want to pray with you!
If you like contemporary worship, you’ll LOVE it here!  Jesus is alive, so our worship is lively!  We are blessed with an extraordinary worship team.  And, to add to our liveliness, we have an amazing group of children and youth that bless us.  We give them the freedom to be kids because we want them in the House of the Lord.
We love God.  We love people.  We love connecting people with God. 
111 Oakfield Smyrna Rd, Oakfield, Maine 04763